RYCOR's PowerSchool integration allows schools to automate their manual processes. Improve convenience and save time our connected end-to-end fee management platform.

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Fee Management on Autopilot

PowerSchool Integration for RYCOR




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Results of Connecting RYCOR with PowerSchool

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Unlike other online payment vendors, RYCOR uses PowerSchool data to connect fees to the right students.


Add a school fee

RYCOR + PowerSchool

Assess fees to all applicable students based on PowerSchool data

RYCOR + PowerSchool

Automatically apply any waivers or adjustments for eligible students

RYCOR + PowerSchool

Check if any students has dropped the activity and automatically refund payment

RYCOR + PowerSchool

Track bills, payments, and exceptions across schools

Before RYCOR, we would have to manually set up school fees in the Student Information System for students. Then other fees would manually be added or removed as needed. This was not always an easy task as the program was not designed for this type of accounting. When you have 11,000 students, that’s a lot of work.” 


Assistant Treasurer, Chinook's Edge School District, Alberta

The Integration That School Administrators Rely On

Automation made possible with RYCOR's PowerSchool Integration

Sync PowerSchool student accounts

RYCOR keeps track of all aspects of a student account from activities, demographics, and courses from PowerSchool to ensure data is consistent. 

Bill fees to the right student

Automatically add fees based on a student's schedule and activities. If a student drops a class or joins an activity, RYCOR automatically adjusts fees on an account, according to the changes in PowerSchool 

Keep up to date with student changes

There is no need to manually adjust fees for late arrivals or early departures. When a student leaves a class or the school early on PowerSchool, RYCOR will calculate how much to charge or refund. 

Improved Parent Convenience

Connecting RYCOR and PowerSchool enables an easy to use experience for parents


Parents can use the same account as their PowerSchool Parent Portal. Access to RYCOR would appear as a link to for school fees inside of the Parent Portal. 

Personalized student billing

Only those school fees specific to each student will be listed for online payments. Parents can make one payment for multiple students in the family. 

Pre-populated form fields

For online forms, RYCOR brings across data from PowerSchool to auto-fill forms for parents. They don't have to fill out a form from scratch. 

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