How long does it take to implement RYCOR business administration components?

The straightforward answer is it depends. The range has been from as little as a week up to 3 months. It really depends on how well and quickly we work together and transfer key data. Think of it as each of us on a side of a row boat. If we work in perfect sync and at a great pace, we will finish quickly. If one of us is rowing faster than the other, then we will go in circles. Due to our proprietary syncing program, the actual implementation program takes a relatively small amount of time to implement the business administration components. We spend most of our time training and ensuring that every key stakeholder is not only comfortable with each component of RYCOR, but is an expert.

How much does RYCOR cost?

We customize each quote, depending on the RYCOR components your district selects. We typically have an annual per student charge and a online transaction charge.

Will RYCOR do any customization work?

Yes, let’s discuss what you need.

How secure are RYCOR Online Payments?

RYCOR is committed to protecting your information. They do NOT store credit card information in any way and they do NOT hold payment funds in a third-party account. All payments are made via secure and fully encrypted connections.

I am a parent and I have a question about my child’s fees.

Please contact your child’s school directly to inquire about school fees.

What happens when something goes wrong?

Call or email RYCOR. We will fix it or help you fix it right away.

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