Open Office: Xavier Mercado, Software Developer

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Xavier Open Office

The Open Office Series showcases conversations with the RYCOR Team. RYCOR is proud to have a diverse group of team members with amazing stories and we are excited to share with you some of their insights. This issue features RYCOR Team Member Xavier Mercado and is the fourth of the series. Read more about Xavier and his experiences in the software development industry!


How did you get started in the software development industry?

I started my career in the software development industry from The Systems Engineering program in college at La Salle University in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico. The program works with an organization inside the faculty called “Software Cell,” which allows selected students to obtain industry experience by making software solutions for the internal clients in the University.

I remember the first project, where I participated by creating a Soccer Tournament generator. Users were able to develop randomized soccer tournaments, previously done by hand, and could provide reports with the stats per game, team, and players. I felt such a sense of pride when I heard that this application saved the sports department over 60% of the time compared to the manual process they used to follow. From that moment, I realized that software development was my way of helping people fulfill needs and make their lives easier.


In your opinion, what makes a good development team and how important is it for a software company?

For a development team to be successful, not only does the team have to share the same values and goals as the entire organization, but it also needs to have a collective sense of innovation and a desire for improvement in both technical and soft skills. In my opinion, the most important motivation is a burning wish to make people’s life easier.

A development team is vital for a software company because it transforms the requirements and needs of clients previously digested by the other teams in the company into new software features and improvements.


How do recent developments affect what is happening in the education sector?

The education sector is continuously changing by expanding its needs but also making use of new technologies to improve current processes. Using a RYCOR success story, clients used to invest time and resources retrieving information from their students.

For example, it was difficult getting consent forms from parents whose kids were going on a ski trip. Now, with RYCOR eFORMS, parents can fill out those forms and use RYCOR Online Payments for any fees, and all that information can be received automatically on the district’s site.


What is your favorite thing about working with RYCOR’s development team?

My favorite thing about working at RYCOR’s development team is the fact that I am surrounded by amazing individuals with a robust skill-set. This might sound cheesy, but we indeed are like a family; we encourage improvement but also applaud our differences.


What are you most excited about with the direction in which RYCOR is going?

Building new software features always give me lots of excitement, and we are currently working on new functionality that will fulfill a lot of our client’s needs. That always makes my day! I want to use this space to thank our clients for letting us be part of their organizations and also to remind them that we are always open to hearing new ways to help make their RYCOR experience even better.

Thank you, clients!