RYCOR Awarded Sourcewell Contract

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RYCOR received top honors by placing FIRST among 13 other participating vendors in a vigorous competitive bidding process.

July 17, 2020 – VANCOUVER, BC

RYCOR Solutions is excited to announce a contract with Sourcewell that allows RYCOR to provide Fee Management and Online Payment Portal services to members.

The contract is available to K-12 private and public schools and districts, and is designed to provide participating members with substantial savings and value through cooperative purchasing practices. The highly competitively bidding process allows members to conveniently purchase through the cooperative without having to conduct their own time consuming due diligence, as it is handled up-front by the Sourcewell agency.

RYCOR’s services for fee management, school payments, and eForms, are already proven to provide convenience and transparency, and increase efficiency for parents and administrative staff. A partnership with Sourcewell also ensures that members receive the best competitive pricing and support from a leading solutions provider.

RYCOR is pleased to be awarded this competitive agreement for Fee Management and Online Payment Portal solution. Sourcewell offers a more efficient and economical way for members to purchase,” said Ryan Kerr, CEO of RYCOR. “We are very excited to have been awarded the Sourcewell vendor contract and look forward to delivering school district members more value, from both fee management and online payments.”

Sourcewell Members can now take advantage of this new partnership by visiting RYCOR’s profile page listed on the Sourcewell website.

About Sourcewell

“As a leader in cooperative purchasing, we are passionate about helping participating agencies fulfill their public service missions. We are building stronger relationships with clients and suppliers to develop practical solutions together.” Learn how we can serve you.  For contract documents and user information, visit: sourcewell-mn.gov  877-585-9706


Since 2000, RYCOR has been a leading provider of K-12 business administration school software, serving over 1 million students. RYCOR provides award-winning online payment, fee management, and electronic forms designed exclusively for K-12 school systems. Learn more about RYCOR’s services at rycor.net.

Contract #: 042020-RYC