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Ryan Kerr established Rycor Software 17 years ago with a vision to free teachers from time-consuming administrative processes such as collecting checks from parents. As he says, “Let teachers teach!”

As a young entrepreneur still in university, Kerr discovered that local school districts and educational institutions were struggling to get a grip on the fee collection process. Parents had to drive from school to school to make a payment (via check or cash) for their children. Lack of mobility, online registration and improper documentation, along with increasingly complex fee structures posed an immense challenge to K-12 school districts.

Identifying these challenges as an opportunity, Kerr launched Rycor, a software as a service (SaaS) firm that helps school districts manage school fees, secure online payments, and textbook management processes.

Built specifically to simplify school administrative processes, Rycor’s Fee Management cloud-based solution enables school districts to easily manage the entire fee structure from a single location. The solution manages the whole panorama of school fee management: fee definitions, student assessment, student billing, payment collection, tracking, and distribution of funds. By fully automating student billing, fee collection, and payment allocation, Rycor’s solution saves districts valuable time and money, while providing convenience for both school administration and the parents to manage timely payments in a hassle-free manner.

“Rycor’s Fee Management solution provides school districts with a transparent fee infrastructure that complies with the strictest auditing policies,” remarks Kerr, CEO. Rycor software seamlessly integrates with districts’ student information systems (SIS) to keep up-to-date with all aspects of a student account, from demographic information and team memberships to student schedules and class enrollment.

Complementing Rycor’s Fee Management solution is their Online Payments component, a parent portal and online payment solution that allows K-12 school districts to accept credit card, debit, and e-check payments through a fully-customized website. Parents can track school fees online, securely pay the fee, and receive the invoice instantly, anytime and anywhere. Rycor’s Online Payments also processes payments faster while eliminating paperwork at schools.

Rycor’s Fee Management solution provides school districts with a transparent fee infrastructure that complies with the strictest auditing policies

Another popular offering, Rycor’s Textbook and Asset Management component offers K-12 schools a more efficient way to track loaned school assets such as computers, tablets, and textbooks. It integrates with the SIS to continuously manage all aspects of school inventory, from checkouts, returns, and re-grades to damage deposits and fines.

Rycor also offers a solution to manage transportation of the students efficiently. Managing student data, bus schedules, fare details, collection report, driver, and routing information along with vehicle details can be completed in just a few clicks.

Rycor’s client Olentangy High School in Ohio was facing challenges managing the school district’s fee structure including pro-rating, financial assistance, and allocation. By deploying Rycor’s K-12 business software, Olentangy was able to view all the school administration process in one unified place. And parents could pay fees using their mobile device or computer, simplifying the overall payment and fee collection processes.

Going forward, Rycor is planning to develop more innovative products to further simplify K-12 administrative processes. By providing user-friendly, feature-rich software solutions, supported by the best customer support in the business, the firm aims to take a leadership position in the billion-dollar K-12 solutions market.

“As we grow we are determined to maintain our 99 percent retention rate and make sure that we always deliver exceptional service and products to the clients,” concludes Kerr. “That is the foundation of our business.”