Omni-Channel Strategy paramount at RYCOR

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Convenience, ease, secure & dependable.

At Rycor every new initiative must deliver these four principles. At Rycor we think every stakeholder is a long-time client and every interaction, no matter how small, must deliver against these principles. This also drives our omni-channel strategies in the business.

Let me share one example of those principles in action at Rycor. At Rycor we believe every client measures our service against the best experience they have whether that be at work or as a consumer. That’s why Rycor is so devoted to delivering an omni-channel experience to our clients. One example is the parent experience of paying for additional school fees like field trips. We want to make sure they can have a positive, easy, secure experience based on what their payment preference is on that particular day.

If they want to pay by cash, credit card or check in school; great; Rycor will print or email a receipt instantly. If they prefer to pay online, We make sure the Rycor Online Payment Solution works perfectly on a smart phone, tablet or laptop. We make that easy to do with a single secure sign on and instant payments. Even if a parent mails the check or gives it to their child to drop off at the school. Rycor makes sure each experience is convenient, easy, secure & dependable.

The omni channel experience must work for all stakeholders not just parents. This means that our Rycor Fee Management System ensures that each the school administrator and the District head office get the information they need, in the format that they want, at the time they request, regardless of how the payment is received. Rycor Fee Management makes sure that our service is payment agnostic, meaning that regardless of how a parent pays a fee, the payment is secure, correctly deposited, properly organized and reported.

Our omni-channel strategy ensures that Districts can effectively track and assess how parents are paying, when and where they are paying and use that data to make the best decisions for managing budgets. And the omni-channel means that a District is maximizing the opportunity to collect fees by being a barrier-less experience.

Convenience, ease, secure & dependable. These four pillars are the foundation of Rycor’s commitment to our clients. Our leading-edge omni-channel solution is just one example of how Rycor Business Administration delivers a positive, productive experience for all a School District’s stakeholders.