Why You Don’t Want to Miss This Year’s RYCOR University.

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RYCOR University is our annual professional development conference aimed at District-level Finance and IT staff who are interested in gaining a more in-depth knowledge of RYCOR components, strengthening their RYCOR skills, and expanding their network in the K12 Industry. RYCOR University doesn’t solely pertain to district users; RYCOR welcomes Transportation Admins, SIS Admins, and any school level RYCOR user who is eager to learn.

This opportunity showcases our brand-new features and functionalities while providing insight into our pre-existing components. In addition to educating users on RYCOR’s functionality, RYCOR University grants users a sneak-peak of our product development road map.

Much like other universities, RYCOR University will include plenty of time for extracurricular activities and socializing. The conference includes a welcome reception, breakfast meet & greets, catered lunches, a cocktail social, plus a special dinner for RYCOR Leadership Circle attendees. Plus, users will familiarize themselves with RYCOR staff and put a face to the names behind the phones.

“The conference was so helpful. We are going to take back so much vital information and new things we are going to implement when we go back to our district. I’m very thankful you offered this up to all of us.”
– Linda Zabrowski, Deputy Treasurer -School Town of Munster

What is offered at RYCOR University?

RYCOR Functionality Sessions
RYCOR Functionality Sessions are lecture-based sessions where the Client Success Team guides users through specific aspects of the RYCOR solution. Multiple sessions run throughout the conference, granting users the ability to pick and choose which session they think will have the most value to their district. These sessions are designed to educate users on features they may not be familiar with or features they can utilize in a different manner to maximize their efficiency. A question & answer period is included at the end so that users can clarify any shortcomings they may have.

Round Table Discussions
Round Table discussions provide users with an interactive opportunity for an open conversation with peers from across North America. A multitude of discussion topics is provided where users are encouraged to share methods their district has used to maximize efficiency. The round tables facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices between school business officials, as well as the chance to talk through any questions or inquiries about RYCOR’s solution.

In-Depth Training Sessions with Actionable Insights
Throughout the conference, participants will be guided through a four-part training series on a feature of choice. The goal of this training series is for participants to master all aspects associated with the functionality of choice so that users can teach other users how to use the component. Users will be given an in-depth look into our functionality and how its benefits throughout the conference. The 2019 RYCOR University showcased RYCOR eFORMS, guiding users through assigning fees to forms, creating templates for school users, and setting up forms online.

Tips & Tricks Sessions with Daryl, RYCOR’s Training Manager
Daryl is our Manager of Training. He teaches you everything you need to know to become an expert on RYCOR and the best way to get utilize the system to its fullest potential. Daryl will lead a live session of his popular video series RYCOR tips & tricks.
There are a lot of useful tricks within RYCOR that can help all types of users to use the system more effectively – some are simple, some covers larger tasks, but all of them are designed to cut your workload in half.
This year, RYCOR will be hosting our annual RYCOR University conference in Vancouver on February 18–20.

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