When and Where?


What’s Involved?

  1. Video Interview: A 10-minute video interview held at RYCOR University during breaks, lunches, and cocktail socials. Complete the form at the end of the page to tell us your preferred time and reserve your spot.
  2. Thank You: After completing the interview, you will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card in your email.
  3. First Review: Within 1-2 weeks, you’ll be sent a draft to review. You’re welcome to make edits and request changes to make sure you’re happy with how you and your district are presented.
  4. Final Sign-Off: After we incorporate your changes, you’ll be sent a polished draft for final approval.
  5. Delivery: With your consent, your video, quotes and testimony may be shared on our printed materials, website and social media channels, in email campaigns and newsletters at industry events and other direct marketing efforts.

Questions You’ll be Asked

  1. Service: How would you describe RYCOR’s client success team?
  2. Implementation: Describe how your implementation process went?
  3. Efficiency: What can you do easier/faster/better with RYCOR?
  4. Parent Feedback: How do parents like the RYCOR parent portal?
  5. Financial Rigor: Has your financial rigor/transparency improved using RYCOR?
  6. Forms: How has your district used RYCOR Forms?
  7. Value: Do you think RYCOR provides great value? and why?
  8. Why RYCOR: What are three reasons why you would recommend RYCOR.


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